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For many New Zealanders the reality of their Superannuation plan falls well short of their needs. Put simply, the savings required go well beyond their ability to save. The Equity in your own home could be the key to opening the door to your financial security... For most New Zealanders the equity in their own home is costing them thousands in unearned investment income. Unlocking this equity is one of the keys to your financial security at your retirement age. Strategic Property Concepts is solely focused on helping clients realise their financial goals by using the trusted and historically successful investment vehicle - residential property. We have designed a complete investment package which enables you to own your own home faster, plus invest in a new 3, 4 or 5 bedroom home, complete with ensuite and double garage, in Christchurch or Wellington, strategically located and professionally managed and maintained. "Our straight forward approach deals in the reality that is property investment to create wealth, rather than glossy brochures and seminars."
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Our process involves bringing together all of the components necessary for effective residential property investment avoiding the pitfalls that landlords experience.  more...