How it works

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Our process involves bringing together all of the components necessary for effective residential property investment avoiding the pitfalls that landlords experience.

Strategic Property Concepts’ goal is to provide a total financial solution that will assist clients on their path to a comfortable retirement by building wealth and creating financial freedom. We achieve this by utilising the trusted investment vehicle; residential investment property, that is professionally managed and maintained.

  1. Initial meeting
  2. During the initial meeting we discuss with you our history and who we are, the investment concepts we work to and your financial situation.

  3. Property investment analysis
  4. From the information you give us we then produce a property investment analysis based on your personal circumstances and financial situation in order to ascertain whether a Strategic Property Concepts Investment property is suited to your long term investment strategy.

    Our financial analysis includes a full report on how a Strategic Property Concepts investment property would work for you; demonstrating the effectiveness and benefits of this remarkable, yet simple, savings scheme.

  5. Meet with you to discuss the package we propose for you
  6. Our financial assessment enables us to propose an investment package that best suits your specific needs, based on your current financial and personal situation.  We explain fully all the components that we put in place to make your investment successful.

  7. Selection of a property
  8. If the financial analysis meets with your approval we then meet to look at the various options we have available, which best reflect the figures worked through in the analysis.  All our sites and developments meet our Capital Growth Checklist of needs.

  9. Sign contracts and arrange finance
  10. Once a property has been selected we then prepare contracts for your purchase.  All our contracts are worded in a typical form when making a land purchase and entering into a building agreement and are subject to finance, title and land information memorandum being satisfactory to you.  You can use your own solicitor to represent you or we can refer you to one.

  11. Build process
  12. Strategic Property Concepts manages the entire build process for you, our project managers complete your investment property, in accordance with your contracts addendum of specification, to show-home standard including landscaping ready for the tenant to move in.

  13. Upon completion of building works
  14. By this stage we will have already arranged for one of our appointed Property Managers to market your property to prospective tenants.  In most cases homes are rented prior to hand over at completion.

    We also complete all the necessary information required for your accountant to prepare your tax statements, as with the solicitor you may use your own accountant or we can refer you to someone familiar with property and what we do.  Once we have a Code of Compliance Certificate from the Council and you have made your final inspection of the property we then process your final payment and hand the home over to you.

    The whole process is remarkably painless and runs like clockwork!

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